Ways to Relieve Muscle Pain

Causes & help with pain in the back, legs, the whole body

Muscle pain, who wants that? While writing this article, I actually have some. In her harmless form: moderate soreness as a result of athletic effort. Especially when you’re trying out a new sport, your chances of getting a decent sore muscle are pretty good tramadol dosage. Good to know how to get rid of it as quickly as possible – and when your muscle aches are serious.

Most people suffer more or less often from muscle pain. Many are often woken up in the middle of the night by a leg cramp. What is it that helps, that the spasm / muscle soreness / pain goes away faster and does not come back? That’s what it’s all about here.

There are muscle aches in various forms. Just as varied are the causes for it. Back pain or calf cramps, sore muscles after exercise or body aches with flu are widespread. These muscle pains are annoying but relatively harmless. Because normally they will come back soon. It gets more unpleasant when the pain stays or comes back. And when helplessness exists, either concerning the cause or when it comes to getting rid of these unpleasant muscular discomforts.

Local pain in the muscles

Sometimes people do not realize it’s their muscles that hurt them tramadol experiences. When sore muscles, it is clearly defined: the heavily used muscles hurt a few hours after exercise, which lasts several days. If the muscle gets tense, it hurts. Body aches during the flu season, on the other hand, are a bit more difficult to grasp – simply because they are limited to just one muscle. And even with back pain it just hurts in the lumbar region.

Especially in the area of  the joints, it is harder to tell if it is (just) the muscle that hurts. Even ligaments, nerves and tendons can cause pain. Especially if they were overloaded.

Cause and name for muscle aches

Let’s see what kind of muscle pain is there tramadol without prescription. And because cause and symptom are close to each other here as well as what a possible / probable trigger for it can be.

Chronic Muscle Pain: Fibromyalgia.

Yes, we’ll start with the worst case right away. If you find yourself here again, you do not need to read further. Go to the doctor immediately, for a decent diagnosis.

Cause: here are some theories. The fact that the central nervous system is disturbed currently seems to be a favorite.

Symptoms: Primary muscle pain all over the body (alternating or simultaneous), etc. Hypersensitivity, fatigue and lack of concentration, physically not so fit, especially after getting up (morning stiffness)

What helps if it is chronic? Traditional medicine and naturopathy have various approaches. Medication, diet (on vegan), heat treatments, relaxation therapies etc. can all cause a significant improvement.

Temporary muscle pain

Sometimes it is (too) intensive strength training, but usually the use of muscles that were not used so much otherwise. You are cycling again for the first time in years or are you just learning to ski? Expect a strong sore muscles.

Cause: intense / unusual strain on the muscle. The muscle was more stressed than it was designed for. So he has taken some damage, needs to be repaired.

Symptoms: Usually, sore muscles occur the next day and last for 2-4 days. But that is different, depending on your own body and the degree of muscle soreness. Muscle pain occurs as soon as the affected muscle is used / tense.

What helps against sore muscles? Heat-cold applications (wraps, saunas) as a natural method to start the healing process and tramadol painkiller. In the process, especially the circulation is promoted. There are also ointments that generate heat. (e.g., devil’s angel or warming horse’s ointment). The muscle should also not be heavily loaded. Whereby, with a slight soreness, you can still continue to train. But the ghosts of fitness trainers are different.

There are skeletal muscle spasms (mostly in the calves and thighs) tramadol al, which is what we are primarily concerned with. Then there are also spasms of smooth muscle (such as blood or lymph vessels), convulsions all over (generalized seizure, as in an epileptic seizure or drug withdrawal), and colic (wavy ab-increasing abdominal pain). As I said, we focus on the “normal” muscle spasms. The calf cramp is probably the most common.

Muscle cramps are divided into three categories. The “normal” spasm is the paraphysiological muscle spasm, it is the one I treat below, and which occurs only occasionally. Idiopathic and symptomatic convulsions, on the other hand, are more serious, they can be symptoms of a serious illness (for example, diabetes, metabolic disorder, poisoning, etc.). For more frequent spasms without a clear cause so please to the doctor Cause: Very often there is a disturbed electrolyte balance: there is no magnesium or sodium chloride. Sweaty during sports or is it midsummer? As a result, you may have lost too many electrolytes. A deficiency occurs when it has not been compensated by a fluid intake. And it gets even more intense if you drink alcohol or overstrain your muscle. However, magnesium deficiency is simply the # 1 cause of muscle cramps tramadol with paracetamol. It does not matter if they occur after intense physical exercise, or it is the leg cramp in the middle of the night. Often, pregnant women are affected because they have a higher mineral requirements.

Likewise, older people because their mineral balance is under-supplied simply because they forget to drink. Symptoms: It hurts damn. The cramp goes away by itself, after a few seconds or even minutes. This is a contraction of the muscle that does not dissolve right away. What helps against muscle spasms? As an immediate measure: stretch the muscle. And maybe massage a little too. With feeling, but definitely.

In addition: balance the electrolyte balance again, as fast as possible tramadol online. Here are magnesium supplements, e.g. as an effervescent powder to pass on the tongue. Or isotonic sports drinks. Of course, there are also natural sources of magnesium, which are foods that naturally contain a lot of magnesium. These include mainly nuts and seeds. Tip: Sunflower seeds contain 420 mg of magnesium per 100 grams. However, it may take some time until they have migrated through the digestive system. Therefore, in an acute muscle spasm, the magnesium preparation is to be preferred. My favorite: Aldi has shower sticks on offer. But there are also from other manufacturers, such as double heart, in portions of 400-800mg.

Body aches: nonspecific pain (also) in the muscles

Well, everyone has ever had: headache and body aches in the flu. It feels like being hit by the train and getting 20 years older overnight, like a hangover buy tramadol online. What exactly hurts, can not always be defined: muscles, joints – somehow everything. In fact, one has to differentiate between acute and chronic pain in the limbs. If there is a clear connection, they are acute between an exercise overload, a flu infection or even an embolism. But also lasting malpositions ultimately lead to it. Mostly, however, body aches have an infection cause.

Cause: A flu infection or another infection.

Symptoms: muscle-group-wide pain, over several days, often accompanied by other typical flu symptoms such as headache.

What helps with body aches ? In the pharmacy there some pharmaceutical helpers: tramadol 100mg \ 200mg\ 50mg. To have them prescribed by the doctor can not hurt, especially since this must be visited anyway for the purpose of a sick leave. A round in the bathtub can at least temporarily work wonders for well-being. Otherwise: keep limbs still and sit out.

Tension pain in the muscle

Sitting for hours, the number one cause of tension. But also strenuous physical activities can lead to it. Flooring layers, for example, lead to one-sided, always the same movements for years. Muscle shortening and muscle tension are the logical consequence. Screed layers should do more yoga, but they rarely do, tramadol experiences.

Cause: Mostly one-sided, sustained stress. Like sitting for hours in a not very ergonomic position.

Symptoms: Tension usually occurs in the area of  the neck or back. They range from an uncomfortable, light pull to quite unbearable muscle aches. Often then an avoidance posture is assumed, which leads to further tension elsewhere.

What helps against tension? Read my detailed article on the subject of tensions (tramadol without prescription).

If the muscle is overstretched, that’s called muscle strain. If he is overstretched, then it is a torn muscle. It would be quite bad then to mention the muscle tear as a form of improvement. Do not worry, you can see the difference. Mostly, it affects the muscles in the calves or thighs. In the muscle strain, the muscle tissue is damaged. The muscle fiber tear tears whole muscle fibers or muscle fiber bundles. And the muscle tear – well, a whole muscle is just torn. Muscle pain is the ultimate in pain. But it does not happen that often.

Cause: Intense, mostly athletic load. But sometimes it is a (work) accident. The muscle tissue is overstretched, tearing for this reason. In normal training, it can also come to small microcracks, but these are not painful / obstructive. But rather normal and desirable.

Symptoms: Muscle aches, and violent. The affected area swells, is sensitive to pressure, depending on the location may cause a visible bruise. It can take a while for the muscle to recover.

What helps? Applying the Tramadol al rule as a first aid measure can be crucial. Most of the time it helps to protect the muscle in question. This takes place automatically, because it is not really resilient and the muscle pain will stay with you for a while. The walk to the doctor should be obligatory.

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