Tramadol for pain

Tramadol – the special analgesic

The most common pain in the musculoskeletal system is caused by the muscles themselves. In contrast, doctors and patients are still mostly responsible joints and spine, together with the intervertebral discs tramadol for the complaints. However, modern research is finding more and more evidence that the true originators of these multiple and often chronic pain are certain muscle areas. However, these muscular disorders are not easy to diagnose. Even modern imaging techniques such as X-ray, sonography, computer and magnetic resonance tomography are not able to do so.

Reason: the musculature itself is not defective or irreparably damaged. In muscle pain of this type, only slight hardening is found in the muscle fibers, knots, also called trigger points, which hardly differ from “normal” muscle tensions. In contrast to these, however, they have the unpleasant ability to generate pain and to transfer it even in distant areas of the body. In this context, one speaks of pain projection, of transmission pain helps tramadol tablets.

This muscle pain and its trigger points are therefore not felt at the point of origin – for example, on the back – but on the arms and hands, legs and feet or in the head area. The well-known tension headache is the prime example of a progressive muscle pain. It arises in the area of the neck muscles and radiates mostly into the back of the head. This pain is often extremely distressing and almost unbearable. In addition, they respond poorly to the usual painkillers. This phenomenon is almost indicative of the muscular nature of the condition, as pain from the joints, spine or discs can usually be treated well by the typical anti-inflammatory drugs (e.g., Voltaren or Ibuprofen, or tramadol). But even if osteoarthrosis, a herniated disc or a spinal column wear is rightly diagnosed, there are always such disorders of the musculature. After all, the joints and spine are indeed moved muscularly, and a serious wear-related disturbance of the movement process always affects the musculature. For this reason, massages and physiotherapy exercises are often pain-relieving – but often not permanent in muscle pain tramadol dosage. Also, these muscle nodes, the trigger points, often lie in such deep muscle areas that they can no longer be palpated with the hands.

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